New Approach to Scales (Book)


New Approach to Scales for Guitarists, 180 pg. book.

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New Approach to Scales for Guitarists (180 Page Book), should be in the hands of every modern guitarist today. This book not only teaches you a completely new way of organizing your guitar fretboard, but will also change the way guitarists relate scales to chords.

Learn the science of how to make your musical statements sound strong and cohesive. This book is also a compendium of common scales used in today’s ultra-modern harmonic-melodic vocabulary: an extremely comprehensive book for contemporary music.

If you need to break out of some ruts, this book is for you. If you need to know how to move around effortlessly on your fretboard, this book is definitely for you.

The author, Adam Smale, shows you his unique method using examples for each scale in its full range using Standard Notation and Guitar TAB, as well as utilizing Fretboard Diagrams to fully comprehend this thrilling new advancement in guitar pedagogy for all players and all styles.

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