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“Standing strong in the field of “Jazz”… Adam Smale is one of the serious devotees…
an exciting new voice on the scene…

take notice!" - Pat Martino

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In the classic tradition of the jazz masters, guitarist/composer Adam Smale tells stories with his music. His “pen” is a personally designed 7-string guitar, wielded with both virtuosity and creativity. His tales are woven from his rich imagination stoked by a wide variety of musical influences. For more than three-quarters of Adam’s life, from the age of twelve, he has been a working musician.

Adam Smale is an exciting performer who loves to be center stage presenting his own original music as on his releases, Out of the Blue, and Fun City. Mr. Smale is also a versatile artist who can present in the following formats:



The Adam Smale Quartet is an exciting, high energy, tour de force! This group can explode out of the gate yet also play exquisitely soft and tender. Adam’s compositions vary from mild and wild, each one sounding very unique, infused with emotion. This makes for a very impactful performance.

“Adam and his group was fantastic. Our patrons loved hearing the stories behind his songs, meeting and talking to him in person…professional and such great music. We would definitely have Adam back!”

– Mary & Stephen Merriman,

Merrimans’ Playhouse

This Group would be appropriate for:

Music Festivals, Jazz Clubs, Concert Series



TYRAMID, derived from pyramid (more accurately a tetrahedron), is the best way to illustrate the synergy that is created with this group.


Billed as Adam Smale’s TYRAMID, this is one of Adam’s favorite formats. Each person has equal say in the musical conversation, equally sparking creativity, the ultimate “democracy.” Meanwhile, traveling ever upward, converging together, ultimately creating a palpable, intriguing, experience: A sort of musical “mind-meld” between the musicians.

“Adam Smale’s sound blends excellently with the style of our concert series…with crisp interpretations of classics and original compositions. His skills are impressive and his interaction with our audience…is fun

and inviting for all.” – Bryan Johnson, Music in the Park Coordinator, Brooklyn, NY

Don’t be fooled, even though this setup is less cluttered, it still has all the exciting elements of Jazz. However, one in which the audience can more easily be taken on a sonic journey together with the band. First formed in 1997 in Toronto, Adam has continued to perform in this format the most.

  • Adam’s unique playing techniques allows Adam to be his own accompanist; something that is somewhat rare in most jazz guitarist 
  • Appeared in the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival (1997 & 2008)
  • Most often a performance of Jazz Standards. From Latinesque flavors, to Bebop classics, to modern  Bebop influenced original compositions

This Group would be appropriate for:

Music Festivals, Jazz Clubs, Concert Series, House Concerts, Intimate Settings, Guitar Workshops, Fingerstyle Guitar Clinics, Masterclasses



“Adam Smale is a consummate guitar stylist that is bridging the gap between respecting the past and observing jazz and improvisational music’s present and future.” – Jazz Inside

Who needs drums? An even more stripped down side to Adam is performing as a Duo, with a bassist. Very fitting for guitar-centric venues, Guitar Associations, Fingerstyle Guitar Groups, Guitar Festivals, etc.

In this setting Adam can stretch out and not only perform Jazz, but can venture into Chet Atkins and Lenny Breau territory, as well as a few Flamenco pieces

  • Perfect choice for small intimate crowds
  • Because of his unique playing techniques, Adam can be his own accompanist
  • This fingerstyle approach is fully demonstrated in the Solo and Duo formats

Listen to a recording of “There Will Never Be Another You” (by H. Warren) to get a feel for Adam’s piano-like, self-accompaniment style, in a duo format:

(Adam – guitar, Artie Roth – bass)





“Seven-string guitar dynamo…from first note to last.”

– Jack Goodstein,

“The guy’s amazingly

nimble-fingered…commands attention…”




Adam loves to pass on his knowledge with students of all levels. Adam has conducted Masterclasses, Workshops, Clinics such as Western Michigan University, Laurentian University, Algoma University, Western Illinois University, Humber College, and Case’s Music. He has also coached ensemble and groups. He will work with students, and will demonstrate and explain:

“Having worked with Adam when I was a Professor at Western Illinois University, Adam was a guest artist. I can safely say that Adam is an energetic, engaging, and educational clinician who has the student’s best interest at heart when working in one-on-one or group settings.”

– Dr. Matthew Warnock

  • His unique fingerstyle approach (for guitarists)
  • His unique view on scales based on his book, New Approach to Scales for Guitarists (for guitarists)
  • Give suggestions on sounding more exciting in a group, or one’s solos
  • His approach to Improvisation techniques (for all instruments) How to create Strong Sounding Jazz Lines” 
  • Coaching individual guitarists or instrumentalists
  • Coaching ensembles the art of listening and interacting with each other – Jazz is the ultimate democracy

These Masterclasses can be tailored for:

Music Festivals, Universities and Colleges, Performance based High Schools, Music Stores, etc.


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