Attend a Concert without stepping a foot outside your door!!
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“I'm just in awe of Adam's playing and his music!"
- Bill MacKenzie (House Concert Host)


In the classic tradition of the jazz masters, guitarist/composer Adam Smale tells stories with his music. His “pen” is a personally designed 7-string guitar, wielded with both virtuosity and creativity. His tales are woven from his rich imagination stoked by a wide variety of musical influences. For more than three-quarters of Adam’s life, from the age of twelve, he has been a working musician.

Adam Smale is an exciting performer who loves to be center stage, even if it’s your home, performing his own original music as on his releases, Out of the Blue, and Fun City.



A House Concert is a wonderfully intimate and special experience. And the best thing is you don’t have to be a Club, Bar, or Restaurant owner to do it! Invite friends over and enjoy a concert in your home.

House Concerts can be in living rooms, backyards, and on back patios; in small houses, big houses, condos, and apartments; at a winery, in a photography studio, and at a local theater, or even an old barn. The point is that the “house” can be any space you have access to where your friends can gather, sit, and enjoy a concert.

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The only requirement for the space is that everyone in attendance must be able to gather in the same space, seated, for the entirety of the hour or so long concert.

  • Perfect choice for small intimate crowds
  • Each concert usually lasts between 1hr – 1hr 15min
  • Usually a “Donations Based” event
  • Adam usually performs in a Duo or Trio setting, but can do larger group if you have a piano in your home and you have the space

This Setting would be appropriate for:
Concert in your Home, a Small Intimate Venue you have access to (church, a small town hall, etc.)