Not So Stupid Improvising Exercise (and Backing Tracks)

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This is the downloadable PDF lesson AND Backing Tracks from Adam’s YouTube video Why This Stupid Thing Will Make YOU a WAY BETTER Improviser


About This Item

In this 2o page PDF, Adam has prepared an amazing improvising exercise that teaches you many things in this one lesson. In this lesson you’ll learn to play long fluid jazz lines like a master. Never get stuck not knowing what to play. It helps speed up your thought processes so you won’t get snagged in the middle of your solo not knowing what to play. You will know a song inside and out and have endless ideas while improvising. You’ll know the song so well you can’t get lost. This will help in learning and understanding choices so that you can utilize these ideas in your solos.

The PDF guides you along in a step by step process using examples to learn from, then you can begin implementing them right away.

Things you get in this amazing improvising lesson:

  • A complete Scale Map of the song, There Will Never Be Another You, to use as a helpful guide
  • A lead sheet of the song’s melody and chord changes
  • How to land on the right notes at the right time so your improvisations sound strong
  • How to add interesting contours to your lines and change direction at will
  • The importance of Passing Tone Scales
  • The most common chord substitution in jazz, The Tritone Sub, and how and when to use it
  • Other cool substitutions as well that you may never have thought of before
  • How to break all the rules and solo with more confidence
  • Two backing tracks to help you in your practice, one slow and one even slower

This lesson goes deeper into the topics covered in the video Why This Stupid Thing Will Make YOU a WAY BETTER Improviser

If you want a major injection of improvement in soloing on a Jazz song, this is an invaluable lesson to get you to that goal.

Backing Tracks Available
This lesson includes two Backing Tracks contained within a ZIP folder.


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