Too Many Chords? No Sweat (Do This)

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This is the downloadable PDF lesson AND Backing Tracks from Adam’s YouTube video Too many Chords? Make Your Solos Way BETTER and EASIER (Do This)


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In this 12 page PDF, Adam has prepared a very helpful comparison to Pat Martino’s Minor Conversion and Barry Harris’ chord simplification in this one lesson. In this lesson you’ll learn the theory behind each approach. Stop the panic when you encounter a song packed with chord changes. Playing through fast songs will be easier while still playing great ideas while improvising. Even though each tactic differs, the underlying concept is the same: Make chord changes easier to solo over by thinking less. Both are reduction concepts to free your mental resources while improvising by playing over less chord changes that are written or being played by everyone else.

The PDF guides you along in a step by step process using examples to learn from, then you can begin implementing them right away.

Things you get in this amazing improvising lesson:

  • Pat Martino’s Minor Conversion theory explained with examples
  • Barry Harris’ “chord reduction” theory explained with examples
  • A final solo on Rhythm Changes chord progression to practice using both concepts
  • How to create waves of tension and release in your lines
  • How to get unique sounds and play angular lines by thinking sounds instead off scales

This lesson goes deeper into the topics covered in the video Too many Chords? Make Your Solos Way BETTER and EASIER (Do This)

If you want stop panicking on fast tunes with lots of chords while soloing a Jazz song, this is an invaluable lesson to get you to that goal.


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